10 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Website – & How to Fix Them.

Your website might be failing to serve its purpose in a variety of ways. Remember that the point of your website is to provide guidance and information to visitors and clients. Below you will find 10 mistakes you are making with your website and how to fix them!

Mistake One:
1. Your website is not mobile-friendly.
How to Fix:
A responsive design website provides a smooth viewing and interactive user experience across all devices. These days, it’s required to operate a successful website.
Mistake Two:
2. Your website is full of unnecessary content.
How to Fix:
76% of users said that the most important factor in the design of a website is that “The website makes it easy for me to find what I want.” Less is more.
Mistake Three:
3. Your website is not secure. No SSL in place.
How to Fix:
SSL stands for secure sockets layer protocol and is required to have https encryption. The encryption provides secure data transfer between a server and a client. Make sure your website has one!
Mistake Four:
4. Terrible website design and graphic design.
How to Fix:
Focus on creating an easy to follow navigation, use white space, avoid using too many pop-ups, use fonts and colors that go nicely together.
Mistake Five:
5. Your website’s purpose is unclear.
How to Fix:
Your website must have a purpose, and you must have a strategy if you want to better serve your clients. What is the end goal for users when visiting your site? Is it to buy a product, service or just to provide information?


Mistake Six:
6. Too many Pop Ups and Ads.
How to Fix:
This will definitely scare your website visitors away. There is nothing more aggravating than visiting a website that is loaded with advertisements and pop-ups.


Mistake Seven:
7. Using too many fonts.
How to Fix:
Two to three fonts are ideal, and the fonts you choose should complement one another.
Mistake Eight:
8. Your website is out of date.
How to Fix:
If your blog page is out of date, it quickly informs the user that your site is not being maintained on a regular basis. The best approach to keeping your website up to date is to go back and update the blog post dates to the most recent.


Mistake Nine:
9. Your website is missing important information. 
How to Fix:
We see this much too frequently with business websites. They don’t have the necessary information listed. Always include correct contact information, such as an e-mail address or phone number, in the footer of your website.


Mistake Ten:
10. Your website is missing H1 Tags. 
How to Fix:
Search engines look for important pieces of information on your website, such as your website’s title or main headline. This helps visitors understand quickly what your website is about.


Hope this is of use to you! If you have anything to add please leave me a comment 🙂

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