What are Google Web Stories? 

What are google web stories

If you are a business owner, this one is a game changer. Google Web Stories are a type of visual content that can be shared online. 

How do Google Web Stories Work?

You already know Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, Tiktok, and Facebook Stories, but Google Web Stories work a little differently than Social Media Stories. Google Web Stories are full-screen, clickable web pages powered by Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). You won’t be able to create web stories without the AMP framework. Remember how we are always recommending WordPress? Well, Google has partnered with WordPress to create a plugin that is used to design web stories for your website. The great thing about all of this? Your stories and content are owned exclusively by you.

Where can you find Web stories?

Web Stories can be found in Google searches, Google Discover, and Google Image Search, in addition to being available on your own website. With Google Web Stories, you can effectively reach your target audience while also taking advantage of SEO opportunities that social media platforms do not provide. 

How do you create Google Web Stories?

You can make these stories by downloading the Web Stories plugin by Google on WordPress. You can also code your own Web Stories with AMP Stories Guides & Tutorials. They share everything you need to know about creating your own web stories. You’ll need to know HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as an understanding of the AMP’s core concepts. You can read more about that here.

With that said, we strongly believe you should take advantage of this opportunity to reach your ideal target audience. Google Web Stories is an excellent SEO strategy for growing your business.

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